Listen to Adele’s New ‘James Bond’ Theme Song, ‘Skyfall!’

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After a whirlwind year of dominating the charts and taking home countless awards, Adele disappeared from the music scene for a little while after announcing her pregnancy. But lucky for us, the British singer is back and better than ever after just releasing a new song, “Skyfall,” the theme song for the upcoming James Bond film of the same name.

Even though it’s for a movie, “Skyfall” definitely stays true to Adele’s soulful roots. It’s haunting and bluesy and perfect for the the movie. She says in a statement: “It was also a lot of fun writing to a brief, something I’ve never done which made it exciting. When we recorded the strings, it was one of the proudest moments of my life. I’ll be back combing my hair when I’m 60 telling people I was a Bond girl back in the day I’m sure.”

Listen to Adele’s newest piece of musical genius that’s sure to dominate every radio station/music chart before we can say “rolling in the deep” above!

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