Apparently The 5SOS Guys Don’t Care If You Buy Their Music

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The 5SOS Family is up in arms after a rather disturbing video hit the Internet over the weekend. In the vid, three girls stumble upon Calum, Luke and Ashton and understandably beg for a picture. And while this sounds like a normal situation for any celeb to be in, it quickly escalated into a huge WTF-inducing escapade.

After Calum literally runs away from the girls, the band’s bodyguards proceed to yell at them for bothering the guys on their day off. And even when Luke seemingly stops to turn around to take a photo, the guards usher him away. But what really puts the cherry on top is the moment when the security team comes back outside and tells them, “We didn’t ask you to buy their music. That’s your choice”

The girl who uploaded the video took to Tumblr to explain what really went down during the incident:

This is the Real story about the 5sos video going around Tumblr ,Twitter and Youtube. I was with my family and my friend Elaine walking around Lincoln Road. That’s when we saw 5sos getting out of there car and walking towards Juvia restaurant. It was about 7:50pm. To make it clear, WE WERE NOT FOLLOWING THEM. We didn’t know if they had a day of or not we just wanted a picture. It was a chance encounter with a band I’m a fan of. It was NOT THERE HOTEL as some people have thought. There was NO MOB around them, it was just us 3. So I don’t know why security would say they couldn’t take a photo with us because everyone else would want one. There was no one else around! To make it clear we are not blaming the boys especially, Luke who twice wanted to stop for a picture but security wouldn’t let him. The worst feeling is when security yelled at us to not buy there music and discouraging us from being fans. Its not there place or position to say those things. They could’ve explained calmly and not make a scene which they started, not us. Understand I’m a fan of 5sos but I was NOT stalking them, this is what really happened and what I feel should be the focus of the video, the security, and how rude they were.

And although he’s since deleted the tweet, Calum responded to a fan who questioned him about what happened:

Uhhh — YIKES! Was the security team justified or did they cross the line? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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