5 Cute Moments From The One Direction Movie Trailer (FULL VIDEO)

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The full One Direction movie trailer debuted today and while non-fans are probably shielding their eyes, we can’t even imagine the variations of ‘Digging my grave because I’m dead’ and ‘My ovaries are exploding’ that fans are furiously typing on their tumblrs right now. Our organs are perfectly fine here at, but we did think the trailer was pretty cute. So cute, in fact, that we’ve decided to write a list of the five cutest moments in the video.

Let us know whether you agree. Will you see the movie when it’s released August 30?

1. Zayn tells his mom to stop crying on the phone. Sniff.

2. Childhood pics of all the boys. No matter how many we see on Pinterest, they’re still adorable.

3. Shirtless recording session. Zayn is amused by Niall’s shirtless jam session.

4. Harry Styles’ spontaneous Central Park music video shoot. It looks like Central Park anyhow. We love how he breaks into a West Side Story dance in the middle of the park.

5. Liam’s “I’ve always wanted a little brother. Now I have four of them.” I mean, come on. One Direction fan or not, that is the sweetest thing ever.

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