30 Days With Debby Ryan: Here’s the Hilar Stuff to Come For The Month of October (Exclusive Video)

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We know we’ve been majorly teasing you guys about who our next 30 Days With… celeb is gonna be, and in case you couldn’t tell from that pic, it’s Debby Ryan! Yay! Let’s all let out a fangirl scream! But before we start with the official kickoff of 30 Days With Debby Ryan (tomorrow!), we wanted to give you a glimpse at what the series will be like via this video of bloopers from our shoot. Seriously, Debby is hysterical and we got so much funny footage…these outtakes are just a tiny fraction of the Debby Ryan amazingness to come for the next 30 days. Our fave line? “This is why I don’t have friends.” Seriously, Debby? You’ve got tons!

Debby’s new show, Jessie, premieres tonight at 9pm on Disney! What was your fave of Debby’s blooper moments? Are you happy she’s our next guest celeb of the month? Are you excited to watch our interviews with her all month long? Tell us in the comments!

And make sure to check back EVERY DAY starting October 1 at 3pm EST for more of 30 Days with Debby!