EXCLUSIVE: Jonah Hill Drops Impromptu Slam Poem About Channing Tatum (VIDEO)

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You saw what the cast members of 21 Jump Street had to say about everything from Glee to Justin Bieber to their most awkward prom stories. Now, your favorite undercover cops are back for more with this year’s literal laugh-out-loud sequel, 22 Jump Street.

Just for Teen readers, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum (a.k.a. ‘Chanimal’ to Jonah) got together for the only interview of the two of them you’ll ever need to see (in our opinion anyway). No really, they talk about the potential scenario for the next Jump Street film, play a word association game (which they both epically fail) and even drop an impromptu slam poem.

22 Jump Street hits theaters this Friday, June 13. Until then, you must must MUST watch the hilarious Jonah & Channing video above!

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