Go Behind the Scenes of the 2012 MTV Movie Awards! (Video)

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In case you didn’t realize it based on nearly all the articles we wrote about it this week, the 2012 MTV Movie Awards are coming up in just two days. And though we still have to wait to find out what will triumph as Movie of the Year or which liplock will win the Best Kiss title, there’s one thing we don’t have to be patient about: what’s inside the gift bag. Along with MTV, Teen.com’s got the first look at what every celeb — like Emma Stone and Chris Hemsworth! — will take home with them at the end of the night (win or lose). Inside, it includes items like the soundtrack for The Hunger Games, Valentino sunglasses, three nights in Spain(!) and much more. Gee, what a hard life…

Watch the behind-the-scenes video above for backstage access to all the swag!

The 2012 MTV Movie Awards start at 9pm EST on Sunday, June 3. Are you going to tune in? Which award are you most excited to see? What celebs should win?

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