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Hold the Phone, Guys — a Victorious Reboot Might Actually Happen!

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As if the fact that Friday isn’t already reason enough to celebrate, a Victorious reboot could actually be a thing, according to one of the show’s cast members! Yeah, it’s safe to say we’re all feeling a little ~victorious~ after this bit of news.

Victorious may’ve been canceled from the Nickelodeon lineup back in 2013, but luck may still be on our side with talks of a Victorious reboot! In a recent interview with TV Guide, Elizabeth Gillies, who starred as bad girl Jade West, opens the door to the possibility of the cast reuniting on screen. When asked about returning to Nickelodeon, Liz exclaimed, “Yeah, I’m down. We’re all down,” but the good news didn’t stop there.

Liz then went onto reveal that the cast is still as close as ever, which makes it that much easier for a reunion. “We still have a group text that we talk into and we share news with each other. They will be my friends forever… We’re very close,” she revealed. “[The show] ended four years ago and we still are as close as ever, so it’s beautiful. I [have] only positive memories from that show.”

If you also recall, Ariana Grande tweeted to show-runner Dan Schneider a few months back, expressing the cast’s interest for a full-on reunion, while also calling him a legend (rightfully so):

It clearly didn’t take much for Dan and the rest of the cast members, for that matter, to be fully on board, as they ALL tweeted back in favor of the reboot:

But whether or not Dan was joking about “being on the phone with an agent” at the time, with the trend of rebooting past shows reaching an all-time high over the past two years, Victorious could very well be on its way to being the next in line.

So, let’s make this happen!