The Victorious Cast’s First Kisses Were Just As Awkward As Yours!

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The guys from Big Time Rush aren’t the only Nickelodeon cast members with not-so-romantic first-kiss stories — the ladies & gents from Victorious suffer from ’em, too! Ranging from “not that exciting” to “scandalous,” here are five of the Nick show’s main stars’ smooch secrets:

Victoria Justice — Believe it or not, VJ’s first kiss was on TV! She told Popstar!, “My first [on-screen kiss] was with Cole Sprouse on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, which was, like, my first guest-starring role, on that show. It was actually my first kiss and it was actually in front of a live audience, so that was cool and we’re still good friends.”

She continued, “You can’t really look at it as something romantic because, at the end of the day, it is, like, a job and it is work, so you have to keep that in mind.”

Ariana Grande — The singer’s first ~real~ kiss happened when she was double digits, but as far as initial smooches go, that happened way before Ari hit her tween/teen years. She revealed, “Mine was in pre-K during naptime. It was pretty scandalous.” Whoa.

Daniella Monet — Like many young stars, D’s OG pecks were for the sake of television. She spilled, “Mine’s not that exciting. All of my first handful of kisses were all on TV. And they were all awkward. I didn’t have my first [real] kiss until I was a lot older… My first kiss was on Nickelodeon, to be honest.”

Liz GilliesOne of Liz’s kisses made headline news last year… because it was with BFF Ariana Grande! But that was far from her first. According to reports, LG’s first kiss — on-screen and off- — was when she was 10 years old! D’aw.

Avan Jogia — Avan’s first kisses were full-blown makeout sessions. He told J-14, “In the gym at the school I went to, there was an attic over the gym, and me and my girlfriend at the time would go up there and kiss during gym. It was cute. My gym teacher would be looking for me, and we could watch him run around trying to find me.”


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