7 Victoria’s Secret Models Who Suffered a Nip Slip During a Fashion Show

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As a model, you have to be comfortable with your body. The stress and pressure of a fashion show is very real, and if you’re not okay with ripping your clothes off backstage in order to change in time to walk down the runway, you proooobably won’t make it very far. “I’m extremely comfortable [being topless], which kinda scares me because there’s a lot of people around,” Kendall Jenner told Vogue as she walked around set with her top half completely bare. #FREETHENIPPLE, after all.

Although models get paid millions of dollars to show off designers’ new clothes, sometimes there’s actually not that much fabric involved in an ensemble. Because of this, many of today’s top supermodels — particularly those who are/were associated with Victoria’s Secret — strutted their stuff down a runway not realizing something pretty embarrassing was going on — a nip slip.