8 WTF Outfits Victoria Justice Once Wore That She’d Never Be Caught Dead in Now

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Victoria Justice has come a LONG way since she was known as being a Nickelodeon queen and is now one of the most fashionable celebrities out there. But like any success story, it didn’t come without some bumps along the road. Like Ariana Grande and Emma Roberts, it took the 23-year-old actress quite some time to grow out of the Nick mindset and separate her personal style from that of Victorious’ Tori Vega or Zoey 101’s Lola Martinez.

From ~interesting hats~ to poop-inspired ensembles, the outfits the brunette beauty once wore were interesting to say the least. Although it might be a little bit embarrassing for Vic to look back at the garbs she used to think were TOTALLY killer, it’s something we definitely all deal with and it’s honestly easier to just sit back and laugh. The good old days!