Victoria Justice Spills To Seventeen About Partying In High School!

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Victoria Justice landed next month’s cover of Seventeen, and she spills on everything from booze to boys. She told the mag, “I’ve tried things. I’m not some robot who’s programmed to be perfect. I’ve been to high school parties. And even if I’ve had a drink, it’s always in a responsible way.”

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On the real Victoria: “I think there’s a perception out there that people know me based on these glamorous photos they see of me in magazines, but I have about 2 hours of hair and makeup and then people to dress me, to make me look even better, in those pictures.

On going to making good choices: “If I’m at a party, I’m going to dance, not huddle in some corner and smoke or sneak a drink. I feel that smoking, drinking, and doing drugs are kind of selfish because you end up isolating yourself from everyone else.  And I’ve had to make certain choices and be a lot more responsible with my life. I’ve been given a huge opportunity, and I don’t want to let my fans and family down.”

On relationships: “You know when you have a good relationship with someone when you are just perfectly happy to be quiet and just hang out and do nothing. I want to be able to go home after work, put on my sweats, wipe off my makeup and cuddle up with someone who doesn’t care and is fine with that.”