Victoria Justice Spills Summer Beauty Secrets to Self Magazine’s July 2012 Issue

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Ok guys, how seriously pretty is Victoria Justice? SO pretty, we know. And girl is looking prob more gorgeous than we’ve ever seen her inside Self magazine’s July 2012 issue — the music issue! The star spilled her summer secrets to Self (try saying that five times fast — dare you), dishing on her summer beauty routine and giving tips on how you can be as pretty as her. Minus the being-born-with-really-great-genes part. Keep reading for more!


Self Magazine

On getting wrinkly: “I’m only 19, so I’m not super concerned about aging. But my mom didn’t drink, smoke or tan while growing up, and she looks great. I’m following her plan.”

On the natural look: “Guys like natural beauty. I get it. So find ways to make them think you are! My thing is lip stain. It stays put so you don’t have to constantly reapply.”

One weekly manicures: “I don’t want to have to change my nailcolor whenever I put on a new outfit. I usually choose nude, because it matches whatever I wear.”


Self Magazine

For more of Victoria’s summer beauty tips, go to and pick up the issue (with Fergie on the cover) now! Like Vic’s tips? What are your rules when it comes to summer beauty?

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