Victoria Justice Has Some Savvy Prom Style

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Sure, Victoria Justice always looks amazing in poufy dresses and gowns on the red carpet, but the Victorious starlet’s style is anything but when she’s off-duty from, ya know, being famous. Vic opened up in Savvy magazine’s prom issue, talking about everything from her personal style to her Hollywood dreams, dressing up in gorg prom gowns that we can only dream look that good on us. Sigh.

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On her personal style: “I like to be comfortable. I have some vintage cowboy boots I wear all the time and I also like wearing jeans with a cute shirt and baggie hoodies.”

On her future plans: “Ultimately I would love to be able to have a successful music career and be able to choose projects I’m really passionate about—whether it’s indie films or blockbuster/studio films. Lately I’ve been reading a lot of scripts and looking for a great character. I’m really looking for something that grabs me…that when I read it, I know I have to have the role.”

On what’s on her iPod right now: “Coldplay, Amy Winehouse, the Beatles of course, Katy Perry…”