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Is the New Vero App Really the New Instagram? Let’s Weigh In…

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If you’ve been personally victimized by Instagram‘s new non-chronological algorithm changes, then listen up because this might be the app for you:

So what is Vero? Well, much like Instagram, it’s a simple photo-sharing app. But unlike Instagram, you probably haven’t heard of it before. In fact, just a week ago, Vero wasn’t even ranked in the App Store’s top 1,500 apps. But today it is THE most popular app in the App store, and it’s all thanks to Instagram users looking for a better version of Instagram.

Vero is an ad-free social network that “lets you be yourself.” Let us repeat that: Vero is AD FREE! The creator of the app said he started it because he was sick of the privacy policies of ad-based social networks, like Facebook and Instagram.

The app itself is, as mentioned earlier, very similar to Instagram, with a few big differences. Vero not only lets users share pictures, but also lets you share texts, URLs and even recommendations for books, TV shows and movies (basically, everything you could ever want out of a social media app).

Of course, there is another thing Vero has that Instagram doesn’t (are you ready for this?): The Vero app sorts posts chronologically! *insert confetti emojis here* This is one feature Instagram used to contain until last year when it started sorting posts based on an algorithm that puts everything out of order.

Another thing Vero allows users to do is separate their connections with other users categorically. So, you can designate people as close friends, friends, acquaintances, or followers, and opt to share posts specifically with these groups.

We know what you’re thinking: This is all WAY too good to be true. And it actually gets even better. Vero also has a much better privacy policy than other social apps, because it only collects “a minimal amount of data about its users,” like names, email addresses and phone numbers, and does NOT provide data to advertisers or other third parties.

So one final question you might have is how Vero makes a profit if it doesn’t contain ads. Well, the app isn’t making money just yet, but the company is planning to eventually rely on user subscriptions for the majority of its revenue.

If that’s a red flag to you, don’t worry because it sounds like it won’t be that big of a deal. CNBC reported the subscription fee will be “a few dollars a year.”

The one downside we see (so far) is that Vero owns all of your content, which sounds a bit shady, TBH… but if you find that to be fair, then go nuts!