Mint & Grey? Pink & White? One Shoe is Sparking Major Online Debate

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It’s like #DressGate all over again!

Back in 2015, celebrities and, you know, regular folks alike were tearing their hair out, debating the colors of one dress. Half of the population saw blue & black, while the other half of the population saw white & gold. It was torturous, TBH. Friendships and families were getting torn apart!

Nevertheless, we powered through and silently agreed to NEVER SPEAK OF IT AGAIN.

Unfortunately, there’s now another photo that’s sparking similar outrage. Some are trying not to chime in, for fear that it’ll turn into the 2017 version of #DressGate… yet it’s also getting harder and harder to NOT chime in because you know that people are clearly WRONG. We hate to face the facts, but this may be the beginning of *gulp* #ShoeGate. Here’s the image in question:

At this point, you may be thinking to yourself, “Uhh… are you dumb? The trainer is clearly mint & grey.” If you’re not, then those two colors probably tell your brain that the sneaker is pink & white.

Well, perhaps this image will help:

If you take a look at the first image, the hand is not a normal, human color, leading one to deduce that the color of the entire image has been altered from pink & white to a more blue hue.

And if that’s not enough, someone found the actual shoe online!

It’s a Vans Old Skool Blossom Pink Retro Sport Skate Shoe — and it doesn’t come in mint & grey, so… PROBLEM SOLVED. EVERYONE CAN GO HOME NOW!