YouTube Star Robbed of Thousands by Someone She Thought She Trusted

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Kim Kardashian‘s October 2016 robbery is perhaps the most famous celebrity burglary story of recent time, but it’s definitely not the only one. It seems like every single day there’s another star who falls victim to thieves, so no one in the public eye, not even YouTubers, are safe. Vanessa Martinez, better known by her 1.8 million subscribers as Simplynessa15 on YT, learned this fact the hard way.

The 20-year-old YouTube sensation recently hired a cleaning person (who other people in her apartment complex used quite often, BTW) to come in and tidy up her bedroom and bathroom. The ladies talked about the fee, details, etc., and everything was going great — the woman even showed up 15 minutes early! Things started to get weird, however, when Vanessa returned to her apartment after grabbing breakfast and the cleaner, who is referred to as A, was standing in kitchen (not one of the rooms she was being paid to clean) looking startled.

The brunette got weird vibes, but decided to let it go and chill on the couch as she finished up. Eventually, A asked Nessa to take her down to her car so she could “go and grab something” with a black bag in her hand. The YouTuber noticed that the lady was acting very skittish, but thought she did an amazing job in the end and decided to pay her almost double what she was owed. Everything was fine until later in the day when her roommate, James, mentioned that he put her Chanel purse on his dresser and she went into his room to grab it and put it away.

The YT girl explained, “The bag was not on the dresser. […] It wasn’t in [my room]. At this point, I’m starting to freak out.”

It was at that point that she started to get suspicious and actually searched her room, where she discovered that a bunch of her necklaces, her Givenchy phone case and her Gucci slides were all nowhere to be found. Vanessa called the cleaning woman immediately and let her know that she knew things were stolen, to which she replied, “I’m so sorry. I just wanted to get my daughter some stuff. I’m so sorry. I’m on my way back. I’ll bring everything back to you.”

In the end, Vanessa got all her stuff, which was worth THOUSANDS of dollars, back, but still had to file a police report so the woman could be held accountable for her crime. You can listen to the full story below:

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