YouTube Star SimplyNessa15 Caught by Police Smoking Marijuana

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When Vanessa Martinez, better known as SimplyNessa15 on YouTube, first started her channel, she was pretty open about smoking weed. The 20-year-old actually has a medical marijuana card in California (where she lives), but recently gave up using the drug for three months straight. Nessa and her friend and fellow YouTube star James Butler were in her home state of Arizona over the weekend, however, when they decided it would be a good idea to whip out some pot and smoke it in a public park. SPOILER ALERT: This was NOT a good idea.

Turns out, the roommates were in the park after sunset, which was when it closed, so they were technically trespassing. This is significant because their presence drew the attention of two police officers who went to kick them out and subsequently smelled the marijuana smoke.

She explained, “At this point the police officer was like, ‘Okay, yeah, we’re going to have to detain you. We’re going to have to arrest you now because you were smoking, clearly.'”

The 19-year-old quickly got on the phone with his sister, who happens to be a police officer, and she talked to the YouTubers and the cops. Vanessa thinks it was this conversation that changed the law enforcement official’s mind, because he went from telling her that she was going to be detained to saying that he’d drive her and James home with only a warning.

The storytime YT girl knows she was incredibly fortunate in this situation and warned her followers to be smart with their decision making.

You can watch her tell the whole tale below:

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