From Our BFFs: Could Vanessa Hudgens Look Hotter in Sucker Punch?

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Um, we’re thinking not. Check out these pics of Vanessa Hudgens and friends totally kicking tush. [Just Jared Jr]

Justin Bieber is tackling bullying via — what else? — Twitter. Could it be a response to those Selena Gomez haters, perhaps? [4TNZ]

What happens when a psycho fan tries to snap a pic of Jake Gyllenhaal in the bathroom? Madness. That’s what. [Hollywire]

We’re so excited for the Prom movie, mostly because Aimee Teegarden‘s character sounds awesome. [JSYK]

What does the cast of Teen Mom wish they knew? That sex can lead to pregnancy. Just kidding. Kinda. [Seventeen]

Aria and Ezra‘s relationship has been pretty hush hush for the most part, but will the Rosewood police be finding out about their big secret?! [Wetpaint]

Are Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake Friends with Benefits in real life, too? All signs point to… no. So there. [Posh24]

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