Vanessa Hudgens Obviously DGAF That She Keeps Pulling Highly Racist Stunts

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As sad as it is, we’re pretty used to seeing Vanessa Hudgens post offensive pictures online. The 27-year-old actress usually causes the most drama in the spring when she simply cannot go to Coachella without a bindi on her forehead or Native American headdress in her hair, but this time she switched things up and decided to offend a different culture at a different time.

The High School Musical star took to Snapchat yesterday to show off her new hairstyle, a braided ‘do that many think is a wig.



Almost immediately after she posted the pictures, many felt offended and called her out for cultural appropriation, which many consider to be racist.

This isn’t the first time a white female celebrity has been accused of appropriating African American culture. Both Kendall and Kylie Jenner were called out repeatedly for wearing cornrows, and Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift & Christina Aguilera were all called out for being racist in their music videos.

Vanessa has yet to respond to any of the backlash she’s receiving online.

*SIGH* When will you learn, Baby V?


Of course, Vanessa Hudgens isn’t the only star to unintentionally post insensitive content: