Vanessa Hudgens Covers Paper Magazine, Talks Grown Up Movie Roles

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Paper Magazine

Vanessa Hudgens has been in the spotlight ever since she starred in the smash Disney Channel movie High School Musical in 2006, but the transition to more mature roles hasn’t been an easy one. The 23-year-old actress covers the latest issue of Paper magazine, and is opening up about starring in not-so-family-friendly movies.

The first real gritty role that Vanessa will be taking on is Spring Breakers, which hits theaters on March 5. Starring alongside Selena Gomez (who is also a former Disney star), Ashley Benson, and James Franco, Vanessa spoke to the mag about what a risk the director took by casting actresses with (mostly) wholesome reputations.

“[Director] Harmony [Korine] took a really big jump in hiring me and Selena [Gomez] and Ashley [Benson],” Vanessa also mentioned, “It’s always been hard for actors to cross that bridge but honestly, you have to hold out and do what you think is right for yourself,” Hudgens says. “But I also think it is about finding someone who truly believes in you.”

Vanessa also briefly spoke about the nude photo scandal she faced back in 2007, calling it the “worst moment” of her career. However, she hasn’t let that hold her down as she has a number of upcoming projects in the works such as Gimme Shelter where she plays a pregnant teen. Vanessa spoke about the more gritty roles and said, “Ever since I was young, I wanted to play really heavy and intense roles and really push myself in a dramatic direction.”

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