Vanessa Hudgens Toys with Possibility of Reprising Role in HSM TV Series

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Are our eyes and ears deceiving us right now?! It has been revealed that not only is High School Musical making its grand return on Disney’s upcoming streaming service, but fans *may* actually get to see at least one familiar face!

When the news broke that Disney would be re-working the ever-popular HSM movies into a brand new TV show, fans were pretty split on how to feel about it. While some simply couldn’t contain their excitement on social media, other diehard fans were skeptical, saying that this new series can’t possibly live up to the original movies with the original cast. Well, while that may be true — because, really, how could any High School Musical spin-off be better than the original? — would the TV series be a little better if the cast were to include some of its original members? Hmm…

Of course, we’re not exactly sure what Disney has planned when it comes to the cast, but we can say that Vanessa Hudgens (a.k.a. Gabriella Montez) is not ruling anything out. While promoting her collaboration with Sinful Colors Cosmetics, the actress was asked if she’d consider being a part of the show, and her answer is sure to make any HSM diehard, well, DIE. “I dunno! I mean, we’ll see,” Vanessa said. “If they ask, who knows?”

Okay, so even though it doesn’t sound like V has gotten an official offer from Disney to reprise her role or make some sort of cameo just yet, she didn’t exactly say no, and that’s good enough for us!

Regardless, Vanessa made it very clear that she will always have love for the movie franchise that launched her into super stardom, and just like us, she’s excited for the series, too! She expressed her excitement for the series and said, “That’s awesome! I grew up watching musicals. I love musicals. So I feel like the longer we can keep them alive, the better.” We could not have said it better ourselves.