5 Roles You’ll Be Surprised to Hear Vanessa Hudgens Was Up For

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After gaining fame in Disney Channel’s High School Musical, it wasn’t long before Vanessa Hudgens started to expand her career and break into bigger, more mature roles. With her part in the YA film adaptation of Beastly, her daring role in Gimme Shelter, and portrayal of a risque female in Spring Breakers, it seems as if there’s no challenge that actress won’t take.

Buuuuuut that doesn’t mean that the triple-threat star has gotten every role she’s ever gone out for! In fact, although she recently dominated as Rizzo in Grease: Love, she was originally keeping her fingers crossed for the role of Sandy! And guess what! The 27 year old has also missed out on being a part of a few other cult classics, too. Surprising, right? Well, let’s look into it a bit more. Here are five roles that Baby V was up for but, unfortunately, could not snag in the end.

1. Sandy, Grease: Live — Believe it or not, no one was more surprised than Vanessa herself to find out that she was being considered for the role of Rizzo — because she always identified with Sandy! However, once she started to look into her actual role, she learned to love the sassy brunette “She’s such an amazing part,” Vanessa told Jimmy Kimmel. “Now that I’m older I’m like, ‘She’s tough. She’s got grit.'” And we love, too!



2. Leah Clearwater, Twilight: New Moon — There was a time when Vanessa was apparently in the running to join the Twilight phenomenon! According to Ashley Greene, the HSM star auditioned to play the sole female member of the wolf pack and commented on the possibly casting saying, “I think she’d be great.” As we all know, that one didn’t work out and Julia Jones got the part.

3. Unknown Role, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reboot — Imagine a Buffy the Vampire Slayer remake? Well, a movie spin-off almost happened — with Vanessa Hudgens in it! While it’s unclear as to what exact role she was up for, Vanessa reportedly turned down what she was offered anyway simply because she didn’t think the vampire fandom could compete with Twilight at that time. But, instead, it seems like she just missed out on being a part of two vampire franchises… Ouch!

4. Unknown Role, Prom Night Remake — If Vanessa attended this prom night, it would’ve been much different than the one in High School Musical 3! The Disney Channel alum was apparently set to star in a remake of the 1980 horror film, but things fell through.

5. Julie Christensen, Final Destination 3 — Vanessa’s really into horror movies, apparently! But while she’s clearly itching to get her hands wet in the world of scary films, it seems that she’s gonna have to wait a bit longer, as she missed out on the role of Julie in the gruesome sequel to actress Amanda Crew. Maybe next time, Vanessa!

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