Vanessa Hudgens Sheds Sqeaky-Clean Boyfriend, Good-Girl Image… And Clothes

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Somehow ditching her really hot boyfriend made Vanessa Hudgens… even hotter? She took her clothes off for Details magazine and, well, let’s just say her Disney days are definitely behind her.

She talked to the mag about dumping Zac Efron, dancing on tables, and… her chest. Seriously.

On Zac Efron: “We’re still friends. Who knows what the future will bring? We’re figuring things out.”

On dancing on tables: “I’m not nervous. I’m excited. I get excited. I’m, like, a very hyper, energetic, crazy type of crazy. I have a lot going on. Always. I’ll dance on a table sober.”

On her chest: “I can’t tell you how much time is spent putting oil on my chest. And Evian. Spraying Evian bottles on my chest and my arms and my forehead, but mostly my chest.”

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