Zac! Josh! Austin! Plus More Hotties Linked to Vanessa Hudgens

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The world was first introduced to the glory that was Troy and Gabriella back in 2006 when High School Musical first came out. However, Disney Channel love didn’t last forever. Eventually Zac Efron moved on from his High School Musical sweetheart. And, as expected, so did Gabriella… Or should we say Vanessa Hudgens?

And she didn’t do too bad for herself either! From dating more of her movie co-stars to finding lasting true love, Vanessa has managed to give us some hardcore #relationshipgoals over the years. She also proved that love is possible in Hollywood. As she’s managed to keep a pretty average track record and hold a couple of long-term relationships as well. So, here’s a look back at all of her goal-worthy relationships from over the years:

1. Drake Bell — Back in her Disney days, there’s a chance that there was a Disney-Nickelodeon star couple! And it actually caused quite the scandal. In 2007 — following Vanessa’s Drake & Josh guest-star and kiss with Drake — nude photos of the High School Musical star leaked on the internet. And, according to People magazine, those photos may have been sent to Drake! So, what was going on there? We still don’t exactly know, but the buzz definitely occurred amidst the buzz of another one of her famous relationships.

2. Zac Efron — After meeting on-set of Disney Channel’s High School Musical, these two quickly paired together and started dating. However, according to an recent interview in the New York Times, Vanessa revealed that their five year relationship actually wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. “I went through a phase when I was really mean because I was so fed up. Girls were running after him, and I was giving them death stares,” she shared, “Then I realized that’s not what that’s about. Spread the love, be a good person, they support you, be nice.” Unfortunately, the two Disney stars split in 2010.

3. Alex Pettyfer — After spotted Vanessa with Alex in the book-turned-movie romance Beastly it was hard to not ship those two. Plus, with the addition of all of their flirty interviews, it was hard to not think of them as an actual couple. And according to an interview with OnTheRedCarpet.com, Vanessa admitted that kissing him was pretty fun in saying, “It was fascinating, honestly. I kinda loved it. It was really, really interesting.” But, aside from the film’s promotion in 2011, it seems as if anything that could have existed was definitely short-lived. Sorry, Alex!

4. Josh Hutcherson — After filming Journey 2: The Mysterious Island together back in 2011 — and heading to a few red carpets together — these two were linked as being a couple. However, it seems like it ended up being not much more than a short-lived fling. As Josh referred to a question about in their relationship status in 2012 by stating, “that was a while ago, we’re really good friends now.” What do you think about that odd pair up?

5. Austin Butler — One of Baby V’s most adorable relationships has to be her still-standing, long-term relationship with this The Shannara Chronicles star. These two were introduced to each other by Ashley Tisdale and started dating in 2011. Today, they’re still going strong thanks to what Austin would credit to, “looking for ways that you can make them [your S.O.] happy.” How cute are they?!

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