10 of the Most Offensive Vanessa Hudgens Instagram Pictures of All Time

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Vanessa Hudgens, back at it again with the problematic Instagrams.

Earlier this year, the 27-year-old brunette faced criminal charges for what she and 24-year-old boyfriend Austin Butler did on Valentine’s Day. (Remember, they carved their names into a rock at Coconino National Forest in northern Arizona, despite the federal law that prohibits anyone from “damaging natural surfaces or property of the United States.”) They probably would’ve gotten away with it skate free, but Baby V couldn’t help but Instagram it, leaving her to shell out $1,000 in restitution. That’s one expensive shot!

Now, the High School Musical alum is causing controversy again over an Instagram post, but for a far different reason. Like her Spring Breakers co-star/BFF Selena Gomez, the Disney Channel alum frequently appropriates culture on the social media site, leading to a bunch of backlash from people across the Internet.

One particular instance was during Coachella 2014, where Vanessa sported not one, but TWO questionable style choices that left the public raging. “When you wear a bindi or a Native American headdress as a fashion accessory, however innocent your intentions, you diminish its profound cultural and religious significance, and it’s offensive,” commented Instagram user @lynt0n at the time. “You don’t accessorize with other people’s cultures. To do so is to exercise a disrespect towards those cultures, which too often suffer marginalization and reductive stereotyping in western society. It’s not done with reverence; it’s done with ignorance, and Vanessa should stop.”

Without apology, she continues to do so to this very day — as recently as yesterday! Girl simply DGAF about being rude to other cultures/religions. To prove it to you, here are 10 Vanessa Hudgens Instagram pictures people found to be totally offensive:

1. Many comments sounded a little something like this: “You constantly go out of your way to disrespect cultures to look ~boho. It’s rude as f***. Don’t put dreamcatchers in your hair!”

2. Vanessa’s caption: “When you try to do face paint like Beyoncé.”
The followup response: “When you try cultural appropriation.”

3. “Why she constantly appropriating other people’s cultures with bindis and stuff tho,” one user asked.

4. Even when V threw things back to when she portrayed Blondie in Sucker Punch, it wasn’t okay with the entirety of the Internet. “u got all these people f*cked up thinking ur bohemian chic hippie. nahhhh ur taking a culture and using it as ur fashion statement so f*ck that,” said one outraged commenter.

Many called out the fact that the character, as well as Vanessa herself, is of Native American descent, so they weren’t exactly sure how this could be deemed as inappropriate, but people still found a way to do it.

5. “A. Sari. Is. Indian,” said one Instagrammer. “Arabian nights in indian clothing,” said another. This about sums everything up: “I love how you wear these traditional headdresses as a fashion statement instead of using them for what they are really worth and taking the time to understand the culture and why they wear them. Also, this is an Indian Sari, it’s not Arabian.”

6. After literally writing #bindipower, Vanessa got a bunch of very similar haterade to the aforementioned moments. “Stop appropriating Indian culture by wearing a bindi!!! Have some understanding, you’ve influenced so many people to think wearing bindis to festivals are fashionable when they’re not,” cried a user.

7. The bindi’s not the only problem here. A commenter pointed out, “My god, I thought it couldn’t get any worse. Using a hijab as a fashion statement? Ugh.”

8. Aaand again. “You guys are sad and ignorant,” said one user to a couple others. “Learn about what Cultural Appropriation is. She’s using a religious sign as a trend to look “edgy”. It’s just disrespectful.”

9. Oh good, her sister joined in on the action, too. We think “ew stop culturally appropriating,” like one person remarked, says it all.

10. Peace out! Here’s one more before you go:


Of course, Vanessa Hudgens isn’t the only star to unintentionally post insensitive content: