Vanessa Hudgens Gives Advice on How to Survive Coachella Craziness

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Unless you’re living under a rock, chances are you’re well aware of the fact that Coachella is officially in full swing. That being said, we’re waiting for one thing and one thing only: new Instagram photos courtesy of the ‘chella queen herself, Vanessa Hudgens.

What’s important to remember, though, is that just because the festival looks perfect through the lens of Nessa’s camera, doesn’t mean it actually is that way IRL. Underneath the cute outfits and the amazing vibes, the 29-year-old actress experiences a good dose of crowd anxiety, but considering the fact that around 99,000 people attend daily, we can totally understand the way she feels!

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If you or someone you know is going to Coachella this year and also tends to get a little anxious when it comes to the large crowds, know that it’s a very common reaction. Vanessa recently opened up to HelloGiggles about how she deals with it all.

One major thing that Baby V told the site is that essential oils really help her deal with the stress of the whole weekend. She said, “There’s a lot of people and that gives me anxiety, so it helps keep myself calm and relaxed.” Hmm… we’ll have to try that out!

Interestingly enough, essential oils aren’t the only beauty product that Vanessa relies on during those hot days under the Indio, California sun. She also says she needs “a powder compact, because things get sweaty. Rose water spray to feel refreshed — and tons of glitter and rhinestones.” DUH!

That’s not all, though. The brunette beauty also mentioned that a tapestry is another one of her must-haves. She said, “I love having space and it’s hard when you’re crammed in with a bunch of people, so I like putting out a tapestry and then setting all my stuff down. You can claim your space and then can actually have room to dance, which is nice.” TBH, that’s great advice, especially if you’re not a fan of the crowds.

The High School Musical alum has been a faithful Coachella attendee for years, so if there’s anyone you want to take advice from it’s definitely her.