The Definitive Ranking of the 12 Worst Vampire Diaries Couples Ever

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The Vampire Diaries is full of awesome love stories that span over many years. That’s the great thing about your characters falling in love with vampires. Many fans end up shipping their favorite couples and hope that they can make it to the very end. It’s kind of hard to do since there is always a new hot character around the corner. Or there is always death looming over the characters, but it’s still the goal. The show has already went through so many couples that didn’t make it due to death, jealousy, or being turned. Sometimes it was sad when their love stories ended, but other times fans were relieved.

There were plenty of terrible couples that fans would rather forget about. It happens! Pretty Little Liars is guilty of it too. These couples sadly didn’t have the amazing chemistry like Elena and Damon. Instead they always fought or were really boring. Also a lot of our favorite characters were left behind by a heartless character who didn’t care about them. So there’s no wonder that they ended up not getting a fairy tale ending. But which couples are the absolute worst on the show? We gathered the ultimate list answering this very question.

These couples are the ones you’ve probably forgotten about, or just didn’t ship. Their love fizzled out either really quickly, or felt like it dragged on forever before it crashed and burned. WARNING SPOILERS!