Vampire Diaries Spoiler! Guess Who’s Hooking Up Next!

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The mid-season premiere of The Vampire Diaries is just around the corner, but we’ve already got some major scoop on our favorite vamps and werewolves (on the small screen, obvi).

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Rumor has it that two main characters will finally get it on soon after the show returns on January 27. There are almost as many love triangles on TVD as there are dead bodies, so to recap, that could possibly be Bonnie (Katerina Graham) and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) or Caroline (Candice Accola) and Tyler (Michael Trevino).

Want to know who it is? Read on to find out!

According to TVLine, “The long-awaited Bonnie-Jeremy smooch will finally be sealed in February/March. Right around the same time, Elena (Nina Dobrev) decides that the only way to save her family and friends is to sacrifice herself to Klaus.” Klaus, shmaus—are you excited to see Bonnie and Jeremy finally seal the deal? Tell us in the comments!