‘TVD’-view: Join the “O Come, All Ye Faithful” Episode Convo!

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The CW

The CW

This is– We can’t– UGH! There are no words to express the emotions we experienced after last week’s Delena-filled episode of The Vampire Diaries. Should we rejoice because it happened? Cry because it may or may not be the real deal? Feel bad for Stefan? It’s just too much to handle. And if you thought that was complicated, wait until you see what’s about to go down in just a half hour for you East Coasters…

During tonight’s mid-season finale of TVD entitled “O Come, All Ye Faithful,” you can expect some lovin’ and tragedy as per youge. Jeremy is in total vampire hunter mode and wants to kill his sister (wonder how that worked out based on the pic); all the hybrids are unsired, so Tyler wants to kill Klaus; oh, and the biggest piece of info: a major character will die! Entertainmently Weekly says it’s down to Tyler, Carol (Tyler’s mother), Liz (Caroline’s mother), Jeremy, Matt or Bonnie. Follow @vampirediaries as they’ll be live-tweeting throughout the show starting at 8pm ET, and make sure to join the conversation on our message board by clicking the link below!

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