The Vampire Diaries Recap: Is it Just Us, or Did Humans Totally Rule Last Night’s Ep?

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Don’t get us wrong, we tune in every Thursday for the vampires, witches, and werewolves, but in episode 215, “The Dinner Party”, the humans totally stepped it up and got our attention.

Who was our favorite non-supernatural?

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4. Aunt Jenna. As Sara Canning exclusively told us yesterday, Jenna played a major role in last night’s episode. Sure she still doesn’t know anything about the vampires, but we’re always glad to see her do more than just hang out in the kitchen (BTW, have you ever seen her actually cook anything?). Plus we totally could relate to her after calling her boyfriend Alaric out on keeping secrets. Get it together, guys!

3. Jeremy. Aside from the fact that Jeremy got a major hottie makeover this season, we loved how he stuck up for Bonnie when Luca tried to call her out on messing with him last week. And even though Luca’s dad got revenge by pinning him up against a wall with the flick of his hand, we give Jeremy props for trying to be as much of hero as humanly possible.

2. Alaric. He killed Elijah! OK, fine, he tried to kill Elijah, but his sneak attack was definitely one of the top jump-out-of-your-seat moments from last night’s episode. And considering the eppie ended with a naked Katherine in Damon’s bathtub, that says a lot. (PS, we kind of saw that coming.)

1. Elena! Say what you will, haters, but we’re on Team Elena. Wouldn’t you be all sulky all the time if you had two hot brothers fighting over you? OK, neither would we, but we still love her, especially since she pulled her own sneak attack last night and staked Elijah—the right way. Total Girl Power moment!

Who’s your favorite human on The Vampire Diaries? Tell us in the comments!