‘Vampire Diaries’ Prom: See All the Fashions From the Big Night!

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Some interesting stuff goes down in Mystic Falls — OK, that was the understatement of the century — but they’re all about to get a huge dose of normal by hitting up the prom. That’s right, it’s the night every high schooler dreams of, and Elena, Stefan, and the rest of the gang are getting all dolled up to celebrate the big night on The Vampire Diaries‘ April 18 episode.

While we’re sure it won’t just be any regular night for this supernatural group, they’re going to try their best. And as we all know, the most important part of any prom night is the fashion! Entertainment Weekly got the scoop on all the fashions you’ll see on the upcoming episode straight from costume designer Leigh Leverett. Check them out below!


Leigh said, “We called it the ‘watercolor’ dress. I thought it was really pretty, but I wasn’t sure it if would work. It has a lot of volume, it’s your quintessential prom dress, and sometimes on this show we go for sexier rather than for [larger] amounts of fabric. But [Nina] put it on and it was really beautiful.” Also, when the designer went to buy the dress online, it was sold out in Nina’s size, so they had to tailor the gown so it would fit!



 Caroline and Damon

Apparently, when it came to the guys, Leigh said she just tried to make all their ties different.




This prom night is meant to be her “Cinderella” moment, so the designer wanted to make sure she was in a stunning gown.  “A lot of the really hardcore, emotional stuff is happening to [Bonnie] this season, and a lot of it happens at the prom. She does a lot of walking around, with purpose, so we wanted it to be really pretty [as she moved].”




Channeling her inner Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Rebekah certainly is going all out. Leigh said, “We don’t get to do a lot of color on the show, so we figured with the prom, we could at least throw in a splash of color. It felt like the big, yellow, quintessential prom dress, [which] worked perfectly for her.”



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