Vampire Diaries Preview: Is There a She-Wolf in Town? (Video)

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Tonight on The Vampire Diaries, we already know Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) much-anticipated werewolf transformation will take place, but will a furry friend be joining him in Mystic Falls? And who is this mystery lady chatting it up with Damon (Ian Somerhalder)?

And, oh yeah: There’s super-hot vampire cave sex.

Click here for deets, plus a super-hot vid of tonight’s episode!

In tonight’s episode, called “By the Light of the Moon,” Damon meets Jules (One Tree Hill alum Michaela McManus) who’s looking for her missing friend, Mason Lockwood, aka Tyler’s werewolf uncle, aka the dude whose heart Damon ripped out. Awkward!

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Watch a preview of tonight’s eppie (including some steamy scenes between Stefan (Paul Wesley) and sudden roomie Katherine (Nina Dobrev) below.