The Vampire Diaries Almost Had a Completely Different Ending

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The Vampire Diaries may have aired its finale last year after eight amazing seasons, but ever since the show ended the producers have been giving us all kinds of fun behind the scenes facts about the show, including alternate plots that never saw the light of day. By now you’ve probably heard that there was one ending where Elena ended up with Stefan instead of Damon, and another where BOTH Salvatore brothers died. There’s quite a few fans who would have supported either of those plots coming to fruition, but when it comes to the very last line in the show, it’s hard to imagine any other ending.

You’ll recall that Ian Somerhalder‘s character Damon says the incredibly emotional last line of the show: “Hello brother”, to Paul Wesley‘s Stefan. It was such a powerful way to tie things up, as it was also Damon’s FIRST line in The Vampire Diaries. If you’re a fan of the show, and therefore followed the complicated relationship between Damon and Stefan for all those eight seasons, then the line probably had you crying your eyes out the moment Ian uttered it, before moving in for one last brotherly hug. It was the perfect ending, but as we just found out thanks to a new interview with executive producer Kevin Williamson — it almost didn’t happen!

Kevin recently revealed what that final line was initially going to be to Entertainment Weekly, explaining, “The original version was ‘Oh, I see they have hero hair in heaven,’ Then they hugged.” While this sarcastic quip would’ve definitely been true to Ian’s character, the showrunners decided that last moment needed to be more emotional than humorous.

And clearly they made the right call, because after finishing watching the show, many fans took to Twitter to share how much that last “Hello, brother” line resonated with them. One fan tweeted, “‘Hello, brother’ just screams Vampire Diaries to me”, while another shared, “Just watched the last ever episode of Vampire Diaries and I am actually sobbing, tears literally pouring down my face. It ending how it started with “hello brother” — I can’t cope.”

BRB, gonna go re-watch all of TVD and appreciate that final moment between Damon and Stefan EVEN MORE!!