Vampire Academy Fans Start Grassroots Movement After Poor Film Reviews

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"It's Twilight as directed by Mark Waters, of Mean Girls. It's an idea that might have been intriguing 15 years ago, before those movies existed."

"This attempt to capture the magic of the Twilight and Harry Potter franchises tries too hard to pack all the backstory and borrowings into one film."

These were some of the harsh critiques Vampire Academy faced after debuting — and failing — at the box office this past weekend. However, as dedicated fans of the book ourselves, it's upsetting and unfortunate that VA will always receive comparisons to Twilight despite being NOTHING alike apart from the fact that there are vampires involved.

Even more suckily — yes, we're making suckily a word here — most critics don't understand that the flick was pretty much identical to Richelle Mead's novel, which rarely happens when written words are translated onto the big screen. Thanks, Mark & Dan Waters! Fortunately, the VA Family isn't taking the poor reviews lying down…

According to Movie Pilot, the fandom's kickstarting its own worldwide grassroots marketing campaign to garner attention from those who are hesitant to see the movie based on most critics' comments. Here are some of the plans:

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Have you seen Vampire Academy? What are your personal thoughts on the book-turned-film? Think the reviews were deserved? Tell us all your related thoughts in the comments below!

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