Vampire Academy Fans Are Gonna Love AND Hate the Latest Movie News

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Okay, Vampire Academy fans, we've got some major movie scoop for you; the good news: The creators of the 2014 film, based on Richelle Mead's series of the same name, have gathered a fair amount of money to contribute to the sequel! The not-so-great news: They can't garner enough cashola on their own. Now, they need YOUR help in achieving the goal of Frostbite.

Here's what they said on Facebook: "We are excited to announce that we have raised the majority of our funds for FROSTBITE – but there is one small catch (we told you this wouldn't be easy)…We need proof that the fans truly want to see the franchise continue. And so, we will be launching a crowd funding campaign and putting the power in your hands."

They continue, "We just want to be clear that we have pulled out all stops to get this far and we need your help to cross the finish line. If the majority of you stand up and say yes, then away we go! If not, then we gave it our best try. As you can see – we do listen to the fans…and we have taken your notes and if we all come together to make Frostbite, we will be making the second film with all those notes in mind. We are humbled by the fan outpour and we hope to make you proud."

More #Frostbite2015 details to come!

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