The ‘Vampire Academy’ Movie is a Go! Production to Begin May 2013

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Twitter (@ZoeyDeutch)

Twitter (@ZoeyDeutch)

It’s been months since we first heard about Vampire Academy potentially becoming a big-screen movie. But the wait is now worth it because the newest announcement from the production company reports that everything is officially a go. Like, full steam ahead.

On the VA Facebook page maintained by Preger Entertainment, Producers Mike Preger, Don Murphy, Susan Montford and Deepak Nayar state: “Casting for the remaining characters for the first film is officially underway once again… We will be shooting the movie in Europe, mostly in and around the UK, with additional photography planned in Montana… The project was officially declared to proceed as of April 1. Our targeted (estimated) date to begin production is the last week in May.”

For those unfamiliar, Vampire Academy is a paranormal series (the fifth best book series of all time, according to readers) focused on Rose Hathaway, a teenage Dhampir (half human/vampire) girl, who is training to be a bodyguard for her Moroi (vampire) best friend, Lissa. But in the process of training, Rose falls into a forbidden love with her instructor, Dimitri Belikov.

So far, the three aforementioned characters have been cast: Zoey Deutch (Rose), Lucy Fry (Lissa) and Danila Kozlovsky (Dimitri). During our interview with Zoey, she revealed her anticipation to play the heroine: “I’m very excited and just processing it just like everybody else. I’m really, really thrilled to work with such iconic artists like Mark [the director] and Dan Waters [the screenwriter] and I know that everybody’s totally on board to keep very true to the original story. Rose is kind of the most bad-ass, amazing character and I’m totally ready to go all in.”

Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters is currently scheduled to hit theaters on Valentine’s Day 2014. Are you already a fanatic? Tell us in the comments!

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