17 Hacks to Get Perfect Valentine’s Day Nails, Even if You’re Single AF

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Let’s be real here for a second — you don’t need to have a significant other to enjoy Valentine’s Day! Between the chocolates, flowers and romantic movies, there’s no way you can’t avoid falling in love with love on February 14th.

Don’t have a bae to canoodle with this year? Who cares! Go all out and celebrate the person you should love the most (you — DUH!) by going all out with this incredibly unique but super-simple V-Day manicure designs.

1. Keep things simple and clean with a flesh-toned base and white designs:

2. Here’s a V-Day look for all the cat lovers out there:

3. You can get these adorable nautical nails with a few pieces of tape and a little patience:

4. Make a stencil by cutting a shape into a piece of tape:



5. Who says Valentine’s Day nails have to be pink?!

6. Switch up your brush stroke a bit and get a heart-shaped twist on the classic French mani:

7. Dangling hearts aren’t a difficult as they look!

8. Want something SUPER simple? Here’s how you can make a perfect heart on any manicure:



9. Create an ombre hearts with the help of some tape and a makeup sponge:

10. If you’re feeling a little frisky, spice up a classic heart with some cheetah print!

11. Sick of all the love birds around you IRL? We get it! Luckily, you’ll never get annoyed with these bad boys:

12. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — tape is your best friend when doing your nails!

13. Connect the dots and end up with an ADORBS mani!

14. A heartbeat nail design looks difficult, but it’s actually super easy!

15. This tiny-heart design is perfect for the minimalist out there who still wants something festive:

16. Kiss marks are basically Valentine’s Day’s signature THING, but they seem super hard to achieve, right? Wrong!

17. Do a reverse design to make classic hearts pop in a different way:

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