15 Famous Actors You’d Never Guess Almost Starred in Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day the movie might not have gotten the best reviews from critics when it came out in 2010, but it was iconic nonetheless. What other flick can you look to if you wanna see Taylor Swift‘s big-screen debut and find Emma Roberts and Carter Jenkins coupled up? Plus, getting to watch them and 17 other A-listers weave together multiple love stories on screen is just a (HUGE) added perk. So if you haven’t seen this film before — and even if you have — it’s definitely worth a watch when February 14th rolls around.

But before you tune in with your special someone or your BFF, take a look at all of the actors that were almost cast in the Valentine’s Day’s ensemble. And then do a double take because you’ll never believe how different this flick could have been. From teen TV stars to faces you’ve never seen before, we’ll leave it to you to decide whether they would have made this movie better or worse.