Stuff We <3 To Get Your Boyfriend for Valentine's Day!

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We know you’re probs freaking out over what to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day so, as usual, we are here to save the day! These gifts are all super easy and totally practical for your guy. From sports to movies, we’re pretty sure we’ve covered all the bases on this one. So check out our list below. We promise dudes won’t be able to resist this stuff!

And P.S., if you’re single, make sure to check out these gift ideas that are perfect to get yourself!

1. Sports Themed M&Ms: Chocolate! Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?! Well we found these really fun sports-themed M&Ms so your guy can have the best of both worlds — his team and his chocolate (and, of course, his lovely lady too)! Get it HERE!

2. G-Shock Watch: These really fun G-Shock watches come in just about every color under the sun. Oh, and they’re also water resistant, which means he won’t ruin this watch like he did all his others. (Ke$ha loves these, guys.) Get it HERE!

3. Restaurant.com Gift Card: This is one of those awesome gifts that you get for somebody that you benefit from too. Hey, you get another date out of it and a yummy dinner. Get it HERE!

4. American Eagle Heart Boxers: Really though, what guy wouldn’t love a pair of holiday-themed boxers?! Get these HERE!

5. Beats By Dre in Red: These are like THE hottest thing right now, you guys. Picking up Beats headphones for your dude is exactly what he wants this year, trust us. And yes, you should definitely borrow them from him. Get it HERE!

6. Soil-Mates: This has to be one of the cutest V-Day ideas we’ve seen. If your guy is the outdoors-y type, this is definitely a romantical project to get into together…planting your own garden! Adorbs. Get it HERE!

7. Harding Lane Needlepoint Hat: This brand’s got lots of fun hats to choose from for your man, or you can get any design that fits his personality. Cute, right?! Get it HERE!

8. Netflix Gift Subscription: For those nights in with your boyf, movie time instantly! We’ve gotten this as a gift before, and trust us, it’s thebest! Get it HERE!

9. Bauble Bar Carter Cuffs: Going out for a fancy-schmancy dinner? Well, have your guy looking super dapper in these cuffs. They’re flying pigs and they’re so freakin’ cute! Get it HERE!

10. The Mural Facebook App: You love him, right? So let all of Facebook know too! This app (free, duh) lets you show some love for your honey for all of FB to see. Go ahead, make his ex jealous… Get it HERE!

Do you and your guy have any exciting plans for V-Day? Think you’ll get him any of these things we suggested? Tell us all about it right here in the comments!

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