5 Valentine’s Day Looks Your Date Will Hate

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Valentine’s Day is completely stupid and pointless…unless of course you have a date with a guy you’re totally in to, in which case it magically morphs into the BEST. DAY. EVER!

But while it’s tempting to pile on every trend for your special evening out, there are many styles that your dude just won’t get—even if they are the chicest looks of the season. Fashion and style should always be a reflection of who you are not what magazines you subscribe to. Read on for a few looks not approved by guys (or sometimes girls?) that you should avoid at all costs!

1. Ankle Boots
Do not believe the salesgirl at DSW—a very small slice of chicks can pull of this style without their legs looking blocky and clunky. And even if you can, guys know that it’s a here-today-hideous-tomorrow type of trend. Stick to heels or high boots!

2. Furry Vests
I learned this the hard way when my date commented that I looked like a mix between “An Olsen twin and someone working in the Yukon.” Not exactly the look I was going for, and if you’re not either, keep your styles sleek and form-fitting. Dudes want to see —shocker!—your body, not the trend of the moment.

3. Bright and/or Matte Lipstick
The beauty editor at Allure might view your lips as a canvas to express the coolest shades of the season, but boys want to see your mouth as just one thing: kissable! This means you should ditch the matte red lips or neon gloss in favor of something subtle with a hint of shine. Uber-intense lips only make boys think one thing: Is she going to look like the Joker after I kiss her? Not hot.

4. An Intense Updo
When was the last time you saw a Victoria’s Secret model with some insanely elaborate updo? Yeah, me neither. A style that requires 400 bobby pins and three cans of hairspray is fine for Prom or your wedding day, but an over-the-top ‘do will likely send your guy into a panic, thinking you expect something just as grandiose from the night. Keep hair soft, touchable and unfussy—just like you!

5. Fake Lashes
Don’t get me wrong, I love me some fake eyelashes. But I have never been able to wear them without my date calling me out.  And of course, I deny it  and of course he doesn’t believe me, especially towards the end of the night when they start peeling off. While fashion should speak your personality, makeup should whisper–if a guy knows you’re donning a certain product, it’s overkill.