A Valentine’s Day Love Letter To Ryan Gosling

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All week long until Valentine’s Day, each Teen.com editor will be writing a very special love letter to his or her celebrity crush. Check back at 12pm ET every day to read ‘em!

Dear Ryan Gosling,

I know that you’re pretty much the hottest actor in Hollywood right now (obviously) and every girl out there says you’re the man of their dreams and they’re your biggest fan. But Ryan, trust me when I say this – I am your biggest fan. Don’t let all of those other girls fool you (especially Eva Mendes – she doesn’t appreciate you the way I would).

The first time I realized you could very possibly be my favorite male celeb of all time was when I saw you in Remember The Titans. And this might sound super creepy, but when I saw you in Murder By Numbers, I almost didn’t even mind that you were, like, a crazy psycho killer. Yeah, I was kind of terrified of you, but once I reminded myself you were just acting I was pretty much head over heels. The Notebook was what really sealed the deal for me. I know you’re not really Noah Calhoun, but you were so freakin’ good in that movie that it’s really easy to just pretend that you are (that’s not that weird, right?).

I’ll admit that you kind of lost me a little bit when you did movies like Lars and The Real Girl, but then my love for you was reignited when we finally met in person. The day I was told I could attend the premiere of Blue Valentine and interview you might have been one of the best days of my life. I’m a tiny girl, but I managed to push through the reporters to get to the front just so I could take secret iPhone photos of you to post on my Ryan Gosling shrine Facebook wall. You even looked me in the eyes and we spoke – it was a magical moment, Ryan.

So yeah, I’ve pretty much been obsessed with you since then. Like, I could watch Crazy, Stupid, Love every day and not get tired of your abs. That video of you breaking up a fight in NYC? Yeah, pretty much my fave YouTube video of all time. I’d like to say I don’t have pictures of you on my bedroom wall or at my work desk, but I do. And when you didn’t win People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive this year… well, let’s just say I was so ready to protest on your behalf. Ugh. Bradley Cooper doesn’t even compare.

So, Ryan, here’s what I’m really trying to say: we’re perfect for each other. It might not seem like we have anything in common, but we totally do: we both have dogs, we wear the same style sunglasses, and we even make the same faces when we’re taking pictures. You dated Rachel McAdams and maybe hooked up with Sandra Bullock? Well, they’re only two of my fave actresses ever (even though I secretly hate them for dating you). You live in NYC and I work there, so we’re totally on the same page. Oh and? I’m way better than Eva Mendes. Trust me.

Waiting for the day that we meet again,


I know I’m not the only one who thinks Ryan wins at life. What do you think, is he the hottest celeb ever? Or am I just a total stalker? Tell me what you think right here!

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