You’ll Never Believe it, But This Pendant Actually WASN’T Inspired by a Vagina

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If you’re as obsessed with jewelry as we are, we have some disturbing news for you. Thanks to British Jeweler Theo Fennell, there’s an entirely new collection made entirely of pieces made by students. While we’d typically be all for students getting exposure for their art, we have to admit… this pendant takes exposure to a whole new level. Look!

vagina Necklace

Theo Fennell

If you’re anything like us, you probably looked at this photo and thought, “wow… that pendant looks a whole lot like a vagina,” and TBH, you’re not wrong! We mean… it even has a gemstone where the clitoris would be!

Interestingly enough, though, according to the jeweler’s Facebook page, the design was not at all inspired by a vagina. Their explanation is as follows:

“This pendant was designed by Lukas Grewenig as part of our Gilded Youth initiative. The design is inspired by the way a goldsmith assesses a stone by placing it between their index and middle finger.”

Riiiight. Well, let’s be real… it still looks like a vagina, and to say people are noticing would be a total understatement. One person in the comments wrote, “Pretty fancy neck-clits you’ve made here, sir,” with another person adding, “Cliterally the best thing I’ve seen all day.” We couldn’t agree more. LOL!