Who Wins on Skins? Help Us Rank The Characters in Episode 2: “Tea”

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If MTV is trying to tone Skins down like we heard they were, then we can’t imagine what was left on the cutting room floor from last night’s second episode, “Tea.” In one hour, we counted two sex acts, four makeout sessions, two underage drinkers, and more sexual innuendo than we could keep track of—or mention on a teen website. Oh yeah, we also counted three awesomely awkward dance sequences.

But even though last night’s ep was all about Tea, that doesn’t necessarily mean she was our fave character of the night. Who was? Read on for this week’s rankings, plus check out pics from last night’s episode right here.

Once again Eura made just a brief cameo. She’s gotten so little screen time that we almost didn’t know who she was when she appeared sitting with Tony at his and Tea’s blind mobster date (BTW, WTF?). Give the girl a scene—or at least a speaking part—soon, Skins!
Likability: 3
OMG factor: 1
Average: 2

We thought Stanley was pretty adorable in last week’s premiere, but this week he just came off as weird. Dude, you’re in high school—you should know how to wipe your face by now.
Likability: 6
OMG factor: 3
Average: 4.5

Is it just us, or does Abbud seem to have a thing for Tea? After last week’s episode we thought he just had an average teen obsession with lady parts, but after last night’s ep, we have a feeling he’s specifically obsessed with Tea’s anatomy. Not that we blame him, or anything.
Likability: 7
OMG factor: 3
Average: 5

Daisy didn’t get much screen time last night either, but she did deliver one of the episode’s funniest one liners. “Check these puppies. Does this read @&*% to you?” We’ll let you watch the episode to fill in the blank.
Likability: 8
OMG factor: 2
Average: 5

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OK, Michelle. You gotta give us more than just being Tony’s makeout buddy (especially since you’re not his only makeout buddy. Snap!) for us to give you a higher ranking. Though your comment to the homophobic jocks at the end of the episode was pretty cool.
Likability: 6
OMG factor: 7
Average: 6.5

We were bummed that we didn’t see much of Chris last night, but the teaser for next week’s episode looks so good, that we’ll give him a high ranking anyway. (Because we can.)
Likability: 9
OMG factor: 6
Average: 7.5

Since Tea got the most screen time, you’d think we’d pick her as our fave of the night. But something about her rubbed us the wrong way. At first we thought her tough-girl attitude was just an act, but even alone with her Nana, Tea blames the world for no one being interesting enough to match her. Plus, she hooked up with her friend’s bf, which is never cool—even if she’s a lesbian and he’s a dude.
Likability: 6
OMG factor: 10
Average: 8

We’re only two episodes in, but we’re already TEAM CADIE. Sure, she only had one scene last night, but she did the most with it and stole our attention from Tony (which is hard to do, trust us) for those few minutes. Cadie is in her own world, and we want in.
Likability: 9
OMG factor: 9
Average: 9

Michelle summed it up best last night: “He’s Tony. He’s always right. Kind of annoying.” Kind of annoying, yes. But also kind of irresistible. Except for the part where he battled Tea on the dance floor. We don’t ever want to see that again. Thanks.
Likability: 9
OMG factor: 10
Average: 9.5

The Winner: Nana
Nana ruled. Who doesn’t love a good grandma spitting out nonsense? We were ready to rule her out as just a standard old person (and you know how much we love old people), but the revelation she made to Tea in bed made us shed a tiny tear. Who knew Skins would be shock-worthy and touching at the same time?
Likability: 10
OMG factor: 10
Average: 10

Do you agree with our rankings? Who was your favorite character from last night’s ep? Tell us in the comments!