9 Exciting Upcoming TV Shows That Are Based on Popular Podcasts

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The CW

We love discovering new shows just as much as we love binge-watching One Tree Hill for the umpteenth time. Although this year marks the end of some of our favorite series, we’ve also been able to find new faves like Grownish and Life Sentence. We love how many unique and fun shows there are on TV right now, but sometimes it’s nice to already have a little backstory on a small-screen hit because it’s adapted from a popular book.

If you need a break from the glow of a television, however, a great way to pass the time is to listen to podcasts. Not only are they super entertaining, but some of them feel like audiobooks so you can release your inner bookworm, too. As podcasts become more and more popular, TV executive are starting to take notice. Some of the biggest (and creepiest) ‘casts are getting the small-screen treatment…and we could NOT be more excited. The best part about these shows is that while we wait for them to officially premiere we can get all caught up by listening to the podcast that inspired them. Does it get any better than that?