12 Animated Disney Movies That Have Live-Action Remakes in the Works

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Disney has recently created live-action versions of beloved movies such as Alice in Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast that were MAJOR successes (which is not always the case, but still). The films were so well-received, in fact, that the studio decided to take the trend of turning classic animations into live-action flicks and run with it, preparing to release TONS of adaptations in the near future.

For the sake of the below gallery, we’re just discussing the stories that are being totally adapted with IRL actors, which means we’re leaving off spin-offs based on individual characters. Yes, we know that Emma Stone will be playing Cruella de Vil in 2018’s Cruella, which is based on 101 Dalmations, so don’t yell at us for not including her on this list. Click through the gallery below and see which live-action movies based on your Disney faves you can look forward to seeing in the new few years!