9 Disney Movies That Are Currently in Development as We Speak

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As much as you may love going out with friends and exploring cute towns and taking TONS of Instagram pics, sometimes the best weekend plan is to just stay in and have a movie marathon with your girls. Blanket forts, homemade popcorn and wearing pajamas all day is the recipe for a great day — add Disney to the mix and *BOOM* it’s perfect.

Whether we’re watching the classics, like The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, or becoming obsessed with Moana and Zootopia, we can’t help but get excited for all the incredible new movies that Disney is releasing soon. While some other production companies have been trying to bring classic tales to life, there is just something ~magical~ about Disney movies.

Moana was obviously a huge success, and with so many fan theories about what everything really means in the movie, we are crossing our fingers for a sequel. Although we probably won’t be seeing Moana and Maui together again anytime soon, there are still so many movies coming up that we are already saving up for all the movie theater popcorn we’re going to be buying. Disney has even more magic ever since it bought Marvel Entertainment and Lucasfilm, which mean all our favorite princesses, superheroes and Jedis are all under the same roof!

We already found out all the little details about what’s heading to the big screen in all the new Marvel movies, but now we’re listing what long-awaited sequels and live-action remakes are actually in the making as we speak in the wonderful world of Disney. So make sure you have your calendar out, ’cause you’re NOT going to want to miss any of these exciting films: