You Won’t Be Able to Accept These Crazy Fan Theories About Pixar’s Up

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Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Monsters, Inc., The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Brave — they all have something in common (you know, other than being the top Pixar movies in existence): fan theories. Despite all of them masquerading as cartoons fit for the whole family, there’s a hint of darkness in all of them that many are not privy to until viewers post the conspiracies on the web. And, apparently, the same could be said for their fellow Disney-Pixar film, Up, as well. Here are all the crazy fan theories surrounding the 2009 film:

1. Carl is dead. This kind of theory happens all the time; the one in which the leading character is not alive, not dead, but living in purgatory. So, naturally, Up got its own purgatory theory:

One theorist suggests that, after his wife passed and learned that he needed to evacuate his house & move into a retirement home, Carl passed away in his sleep. All of the events proceeding occurred in the afterlife.

2. Russell is Carl’s guardian angel. Adding onto the aforementioned theory is the story of Russell. The same theorist believes that the badges he tries to earn are a representation for trying to earn his wings, and helping Carl transition.

The reason he’s in child form is to fulfill Carl and his late wife’s dream of having a child, which, as the beginning of the film explains, was never possible.

3. It’s connected to Toy Story. You’ve heard of The Pixar Theory on more than one occasion, but here’s how Up fits into it:

“Carl and Ellie write to Andy telling him to get rid of his toys because they know the animosity between toys and humans coming ahead, and that’s why they are planning on living in solitude.”

4. Charles’ childhood hero creates technology to harness power from animals. That same theory continues: “Charles Muntz effectively trains an army of dogs. This is the start of the tipping point between animals and humans.Years later, the uprising between animals and humans begins.” Naturally, the humans lose, and the evolution of Cars, Wall-E, A Bug’s Life and Monsters, Inc. begins.

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