10 Unwritten Friend Rules All True BFFs Follow Without Question

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All the unwritten rules you must follow to ensure a beautiful BEST friendship:

1. Secrets are to be kept between the two of you. When you promise not to tell, you take your friend’s words with you to the grave.

2. No judgement. Ever. Even if you disagree with your pal’s particular tastes, it’s how she feels, so keep what could possibly be hurtful comments to yourself.

Tumblr (teencelebgifs)

Tumblr (teencelebgifs)

3. At the same time, be honest. Otherwise, what’s the point?

4. Approval of each other’s companions is always necessary before fully committing. It’s just… a thing.

Panda Whale

Panda Whale

5. Had a hot date last night? Better prepare to give a whole breakdown of the evening’s events from start to finish.

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6. Don’t try to compete with each other. Because, guess what, NO ONE WINS if everything’s gonna result in a fight.

7. NEVER date your best friend’s ex. Unless she’s totally, completely, 100% over him and openly says that she’s truthfully okay with it.

8. Instantly hate your best friend’s ex’s new girlfriend. And whoever the new girl may be, she’s ALWAYS less pretty than your bestie.

Tumblr (teendotcom)

Tumblr (teendotcom)

9. The #1 Rule:

10. Scratch that, THIS is the cardinal rule: Whether she’s going through a break-up or didn’t get the part she wanted in the school play or failed to be accepted into her dream school, just be there. NMW.

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