10 Romantic YA Quotes That Teens Would NEVER Say in Real Life

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Guys, we’ve got a confession to make: We are huge suckers for YA romances. They’re adorable, they give us all the feels and they even make us crush on the characters. But as much as we love reading about these juicy romances, we have to admit that most of the dialogues are, well… unrealistic.

In practically every encounter between YA couples, there’s always flawless dialogue with a couple of cute metaphors sprinkled on top. The awkward moments rarely ever happen and the transition from friends (or strangers) to lovers is usually super quick and effortless. But in real life, that’s just not how things work, because real-life interactions between couples aren’t always so swoon-worthy. Check out these 10 over-the-top romantic quotes that teens would never actually say to each other in real life: