8 TV Shows That Lied To You About What High School is Like

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Ah, high school. Unfortunately, I remember it well. For those who peaked early, it was a wondrous time full of parties and general tomfoolery made all the better by those awesomely overactive teenage hormones. For the rest of us, though, it was a time full of social awkwardness, relatively poor taste in clothing and hairstyles and overall coming to terms with the fact high school was just nothing like it is on TV. I remember flipping on the good ol’ boob tube and staring in wonder as these statuesque ladies strutted down the hallway in designer clothes, while muscular men played football or soccer or lacrosse with a near professional ease. It never really did match up with the string bean boys with whom I attended class with and, oh my god, did these TV students NEVER have homework? Like, really, I was never allowed out on school nights. There’s something fictional high school principals aren’t telling us.

ANYWHO, despite my eternal confusion regarding the academic status of these soap opera teens and the ultimate emotional consequences that come from being lied to by my favorite shows for so many years, they never ceased to provide me with endless entertainment. Without further ado, here are nine TV shows that lied to both me and you about what high school is really like:

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